Room Enough

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There is room enough for us all!  This website will show you how a pregnant woman, a man, 2 guinea pigs and a toddler live in a 700 square foot home.  If you live in a flat, a maisonette or a small house you can still live happily.  It’s true.

You shouldn’t spend your time worrying that you must live somewhere bigger than you can afford.  And you shouldn’t leave the place you love because you can’t afford somewhere bigger, nearby.  There’s nothing mad about accepting the space you have.  All this moving further and further away to get a bigger and better garden. Where does it end?  Australia, that’s where.  Most children won’t play in a garden anyway, they’ll be watching TV and playing on your iPad.

No matter how or where you move, properties in Britain will still be small and over-priced, particularly in London. So bollocks to the property ladder and the rat race.  (The raterty lace)  Here’s some useful tips, in one place.  They might not change your world, but they may help you out.

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