"Happy Rock Gladstone Manitoba." by Wtshymanski (talk) - I (Wtshymanski (talk)) created this work entirely by myself.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Happy_Rock_Gladstone_Manitoba..JPG#/media/File:Happy_Rock_Gladstone_Manitoba..JPG

My happy place

The Office for National Statistics actually measures our happiness, which is nice of them. And guess what, London’s least happy borough – Islington – scores just as poorly as St Albans.  Both of them are cheerier than the Home Counties’ historic commuter towns, Canterbury and Runnymede. Inner London, as a whole, is 18th from bottom in the list of regions. At the other end of the … Continue reading My happy place

from here- http://www.pdpics.com/photo/1850-1850-happy-sad-faces/

Whatever makes you happy

To follow on from last week’s post, I’ve done some more research on happiness.  Thom Yorke, the world’s foremost expert on happiness, once cried: “Whatever makes you happy, whatever you want, you’re so fucking special”.  Isn’t that how we all feel about our children?  Isn’t that what we all want to do?  Whatever they want, to make them happy.  Even if that means moving to … Continue reading Whatever makes you happy


Micro machines for living

Down our way, in the Lovely Borough of Lewisham, plans are afoot for tiny homes.  If you check out the developer’s website, you’ll see that these homes are clearly targeted at people who see themselves as ‘city makers’, ‘the young, hardworking and ambitious’ who ‘contribute’ and thus, ‘deserve a home they can call their own’. As someone who advocates living in a small home, I … Continue reading Micro machines for living


The 4 most important things that define if your home is big enough

Right, I’ve had a good read about the psychological impact of living in places that are too small, and worked it all out.  As said elsewhere on this blog , there is a lower limit to the size of homes we should live in.  But if all homes of that size are room enough, why are so many people desperate to live somewhere larger than … Continue reading The 4 most important things that define if your home is big enough


It’s all in your head

You may have noticed that large rooms with high ceilings didn’t feature on the list of things that psychologically affect us in relation to overcrowding. That’s not to say they don’t affect us emotionally, it’s just the effect is largely unknown. No researcher has ever thought “I’ll spend thousands of pounds of my research money trying to discover if a high-ceiling improves quality of life”. … Continue reading It’s all in your head


What is room enough?

There are limits to how small a place you can live in.  It would be irresponsible of our blog to say – “yeah, free your mind, sell your home, move somewhere too small” (like the tiny house movement does, *ahem*).  Imagine the guilt if we encouraged a family of ten to move into a converted wheelie-bin, and they caught resistant-TB and died.  None of us … Continue reading What is room enough?


18 Things you know when you live in a small home

1. You can make yourself heard wherever you are: “Oi, darling! Make me a cuppa!” “Where’s our remote control/biscuit tin/son?” 2. You can be heard when you don’t want to be. “Who were you on the phone to?” “Not my bookmaker and lover.” 3. If you work unsocial hours and need sleep, being within a couple of rooms of a toddler is like sleeping next … Continue reading 18 Things you know when you live in a small home



Decluttering is daunting.  One option, if it all seems too much, is to shred all your worldly possessions, like Michael Landy did. Another option, is to not clutter in the first place.  Thus, to be used  in conjunction with Martin Lewis moneysavingexpert’s mantra, here is a mantra for not-cluttering: Where will I put this in 6 months time? Ask yourself that when shopping.  Go on.  … Continue reading Decluttering