I have started “nesting”. When I say nesting, I think I actually mean panicking. I have been thinking about the reality of, not only sleeping in a room with a new baby, but storing a lot of their stuff in our already full to the brim bedroom too, as we don’t have a spare bedroom like we did the first time round. This panic coincided … Continue reading Nesting


Toys- how to avoid the clutter

I’m not saying he’s spoilt but our son probably doesn’t need 2 car parks, 4 pull along toys, 3 kitchens, 20 cars and approximately 3260 soft animals… I know we should get rid of some of them. I just can’t bring myself to do it though. I feel mean getting rid of our son’s toys, especially if they were presents given by someone other than us. … Continue reading Toys- how to avoid the clutter


Making a small space look bigger

Feeling like your living space is not cramped is important and there are different ways of achieving this. One of the main ways to make a place seem more spacious, is to let in as much light as possible.  Ideally windows should be clean (!) and not obstructed. How you dress your windows will contribute to this also. Using light curtains (light in colour as well as material) … Continue reading Making a small space look bigger



Flats can be noisy. Well, not the flats themselves, but the people in them, and sound tends to travel more easily in flats. Internet forums are full of people complaining about noisy neighbours and trying to find solutions. If you live below people you can be subjected to hearing footsteps, hoovers scraping along the floor, things being dropped, just everyday noises really, but really fucking … Continue reading Noise