Borrowing and lending baby stuff- top tips

As discussed here, I’m a big fan of borrowing and lending baby stuff. It makes complete sense, especially if you are short on storage space. Over time, we have done very well out of it. However, since attempting to retrieve all our baby stuff (in preparation for baby number 2 who has now arrived!), and having had some difficulty I have compiled these borrowing and … Continue reading Borrowing and lending baby stuff- top tips

Via JD Hancock https://www.flickr.com/photos/jdhancock/5545810212

Presents for new parents- small space gifts

The new baby’s birth is looming… there are just 6 weeks to go ’til our freedom is once again snatched away from us… (who am i kidding- we have no freedom to be snatched). That makes it sound a bit like something I’m dreading, doesn’t it? Well, I guess I am. I of course feel blessed that we are having another child, and I am kind … Continue reading Presents for new parents- small space gifts


Room Enough for Daisy

Room Enough for Daisy is a children’s book by Debby Waldman  and Rita Feutl. It’s based on an Eastern European Jewish folktale, which describes a man who lives in a small house that he finds too cramped and noisy. The man seeks advice from the local rabbi, who suggests to him that he gradually moves more and more of the animals from his farm into his … Continue reading Room Enough for Daisy


Micro machines for living

Down our way, in the Lovely Borough of Lewisham, plans are afoot for tiny homes.  If you check out the developer’s website, you’ll see that these homes are clearly targeted at people who see themselves as ‘city makers’, ‘the young, hardworking and ambitious’ who ‘contribute’ and thus, ‘deserve a home they can call their own’. As someone who advocates living in a small home, I … Continue reading Micro machines for living


What a mess, Auntie Phyllis! (how to declutter your kid’s toys)

Some of our family came to visit the other day. Our 3 year old nephew walked straight into the lounge and exclaimed loudly and squeakily “What a mess, Auntie Phyllis!”. I have to admit, he had a point. He’s wise beyond his years that boy. I embarrassedly shooed him out onto the balcony where I discovered various shards of plastic toys, that my darling Phillip … Continue reading What a mess, Auntie Phyllis! (how to declutter your kid’s toys)



I have started “nesting”. When I say nesting, I think I actually mean panicking. I have been thinking about the reality of, not only sleeping in a room with a new baby, but storing a lot of their stuff in our already full to the brim bedroom too, as we don’t have a spare bedroom like we did the first time round. This panic coincided … Continue reading Nesting


Toys- how to avoid the clutter

I’m not saying he’s spoilt but our son probably doesn’t need 2 car parks, 4 pull along toys, 3 kitchens, 20 cars and approximately 3260 soft animals… I know we should get rid of some of them. I just can’t bring myself to do it though. I feel mean getting rid of our son’s toys, especially if they were presents given by someone other than us. … Continue reading Toys- how to avoid the clutter



Decluttering is daunting.  One option, if it all seems too much, is to shred all your worldly possessions, like Michael Landy did. Another option, is to not clutter in the first place.  Thus, to be used  in conjunction with Martin Lewis moneysavingexpert’s mantra, here is a mantra for not-cluttering: Where will I put this in 6 months time? Ask yourself that when shopping.  Go on.  … Continue reading Decluttering