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We are Phyllis and Philip. As an occupational therapist and a nurse, we have a household income that is fairly average.

We love living in the exciting and diverse city that is London. There’s lots happening and we have lots of green space around us. We like our neighbours and we have some good friends living nearby.

In order to afford to live in the area we have chosen (Ladywell, South East London) and have money spare for any sort of life, we have had to keep our essential outgoings as low as possible and have chosen to live in a 2 bedroom split level flat. It’s not massive, but it’s not tiny either.

These feel like precarious times. Even more so, since a Conservative government has been voted back in. The NHS (and our jobs) could potentially hang in the balance, cuts will be made, and the housing crisis is inevitably going to worsen. We are at least reassured to know that we have not overstretched ourselves with our mortgage.

We have a 2 and a bit year old son and are expecting a baby in October. In anticipation of this, and with a few anxieties at the back of my mind, I did a some online research into small space living with kids. I found very little useful information specifically about this. What I did find was people on forums stressed out at the idea of living in a small space and other people unhelpfully advising them to move somewhere bigger. I also came across plenty of American sites that suggest turning a “closet” into a bedroom for a baby. I’m loving the idea that we might have a “closet” big enough to sleep in, but I can’t even fit all my clothes in mine, let alone a baby (even a tiny little newborn one).

So we decided to start this blog with the aim of providing some practical tips and advice for families living in small spaces. We also want to show that living in a big house is not the be all and end all.

The process of writing this blog has shown us that it is possible to live in much smaller spaces than we have and still live happy and fulfilling family lives. It has made me reconsider how I think about our space and our possessions and feel much more at ease with, and even excited about, the idea of raising a family here.

Maybe I’ll be eating my words in 25 years time when the Tories have really messed up this country, the housing crisis has reached its peak and our grown up children are still living here with partners and children of their own. Then again, maybe we’ll just be grateful to have a roof over our heads…

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