18 Things you know when you live in a small home

1. You can make yourself heard wherever you are: “Oi, darling! Make me a cuppa!” “Where’s our remote control/biscuit tin/son?”

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2. You can be heard when you don’t want to be. “Who were you on the phone to?” “Not my bookmaker and lover.”

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3. If you work unsocial hours and need sleep, being within a couple of rooms of a toddler is like sleeping next to Niagara falls.

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4. It’s easier to direct people to the  bathroom. Don’t waste your time saying “upstairs, take a left, second door on your right”. Just say, “If you’re not defouling a bed, you’re on the toilet.”

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5. Unless you buy a commode, a Conveen or urinate out the door, you’ve got to wait while someone else is in there.

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6. After hearing your guests in the bathroom, you cannot look them in the eye when they return to the room.

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7. By living inside your means, you’re living closer to the way humanity should- if we want the globe to exist for future generations. We live on a planet of finite resources.  7 billion people cannot live in the sort of home you get told to desire on housing programmes, not without some revolutionary change in building.  Have you seen what concrete does?

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8- People with large houses disagree with your attitude to mansion tax- why should they pay a social levy for the privilege of being able to exclude 7 billion people from their unnecessarily large chunk of earth and concrete.  “My private ownership of 15 rooms is definitely, in no way related to over-crowding and homelessness.  Now go back to your shoebox before I get the gun.”

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9 – Decorating decisions are more interesting. You don’t ask yourself, “what can I do with £30,000?”, you ask yourself “what actually fits in that space… and is available on interest-free credit?”

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10 – You will contemplate leaving London. Then you will visit people front outside London for a barbecue where they unveil the decking. After listening to the discussion about parking problems near Zizzi and people sharing their stories about decking, you decide living in a small home is preferable.

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11 – You don’t have to worry about gardening or maintaining a swimming pool.  This means you’re less likely to spend a bank holiday in A&E with a chainsaw wound. Or get hit in the face by a volleyball.

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12 – If you’ve chosen to live somewhere small to be in a nice area, twice a day you will walk past places you will never afford. (This may produce feelings of alienation. Whatever you do, don’t start a blog which suggests your neighbours’ journey up the housing ladder is unimportant)

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13 – It’s a shorter journey to escape in a fire.

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14 – The older generation are nice to you, because they grew up in over-crowded, small houses and probably raised you in one.

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15 – If you own your little home, the younger generation will look at you with envy, because the housing crisis means they will pay extortionate rents to slum-landlords for their entire lives.  Or else live with their parents.

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16 – You will be detached from people you see on TV housing programmes, who invariably have unrealistic, boring desires, and cheer wildly at the prospect of gut-wrenching surveys, conveyancing, property chains then years of decorating. Losers.

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17 – Sloppy hoovering is quick. But properly hoovering involves rearranging all the shit in the hallway like a crystal maze contestant completing a large puzzle.

Hmm.. there used to be a video here. It was probably just someone shouting “GET THE CRYSTAL!!!”


18 – It’s cheaper than living somewhere bigger!  So you have more flexibilty in life. Your bills are all lower.  You could take time off work to look after your child, leave a job you hate, or waste time on a blog, because you don’t live in fear of your mortgage/rent payments.

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