Space Saving Highchairs

Most high chairs take up more floor space than your entire dining table and 4 chairs. You will trip over the high chair approximately 5000 times a day. If you don’t trip over, you will at least stub your toe. You will swear loudly and one of your kid’s first words will be “fuck!”. Here are some highchairs you might be less likely to trip over and your kid might end up a bit less sweary.

Ikea Antilop highchair. We have this, following a recommendation from the baby led weaning website. It is a total bargain at £13. You can also buy an inflatable insert for it, so when your little one is very, well, little, they are supported to sit up easily in it. It is very well designed, very easy to clean highchair, that doesn’t take up much floorspace compared with other free standing highchairs. If you do need more than 1, for whatever reason they are stackable. You can also dismantle them by removing the legs and tray, so could be put into storage fairly easily.

Ikea Antilop highchair


Clip on highchair. Clips onto a table. Obviously the table needs to be pretty sturdy. Takes up no floor space at all. Some of the seats twist round so you can face your baby in a different direction for feeding or watching what is going on. Price range £40-£65

Clip on highchair


Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair. This is really expensive, even 2nd hand. Cheaper alternatives are available but I have no idea whether they are any good. They allow the child to sit right up to the table, like they are one of the adults. Because of this they take up less floor space than most other highchairs. Adjustable with age. Various accessories are available e.g. the baby set for 6-9 months. RRP £159 for highchair, £47 for baby set

Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair


Travel booster seat. These strap onto a normal dining chair. They usually have an inflatable seat and the back folds down when not in use. They can easily be brought with you if you are eating somewhere else . They have a fabric cover and so are less easily wipeable than other highchairs. They may not be suitable for younger babies but are a good alternative for slightly older kids and as a spare. Price range : £20-£25

travel highchair
Travel booster seat


Table booster seat. A moulded plastic seat that attaches to a dining chair. A more sturdy and wipe cleanable version of the travel highchair. Obviously more bulky for travelling. Price range: £10-£30

Table booster seat
Table booster seat


Folding highchair. You might be tempted to buy a folding high chair, but when unfolded the legs splay out far. Also realistically, you will probably never fold it. Price range: £30-£70

Folding highchair
Folding highchair

Discovered any highchairs that fit well in a small space? Just want to shout and swear about your stubbed toes? Comment below or take part in our Facebook group forum here.

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