Our small play space

Because we live in a small space, we’ve tried to make as much of it available for play as possible. For example, downstairs most of our son’s books and toys are in the lounge in this sideboard and in boxes,

but in the hallway he also has a toy kitchen (we found it in a bin out the back of our block of flats, I’m sure you’ll agree it is too beautiful to just have been thrown away),

a little table and chair for arts and crafts,

a blackboard painted on the wall

and a foldaway basketball net and magnets on the radiator.

In the kitchen, there are more magnets and a cupboard full of unbreakable stuff like tupperware that our son can pull out and chuck all over the floor (for us to slip over on later). Do you really want to see a photo of the contents of the cupboard? Really? Here you are then…

He currently also has a rocking horse in the kitchen and we have a play mat we can stick on the freezing cold hard-tiled floor if he wants to sit and play.

In order for him to be able to use all three downstairs rooms we’ve had to make them as safe as possible. We’ve done all the usual things, like putting anything dangerous or that we don’t want him to have out of reach, covering plug sockets and installing kitchen cupboard locks. We used to have stair gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs (we removed the bottom one when he was 2 and a bit, when he seemed slightly less likely to run up the stairs and throw himself back down them again, and the top one later on when it transpired that he could open it himself anyway). 

Space saving toys we have:

1) Velcro stickers- these are just cardboard insects covered in clear sticky back plastic, with adhesive loop velcro on the back. We stuck hook velcro on the inside of the balcony door, so our little boy can pull the insects off and stick them back on again. You could use any pictures, drawings or photos for this and protect them with sticky back plastic or laminate them.

2) ermmm… that’s it really, the blackboard painted on the wall, the magnets and the velcro stickers. All our son’s other play things take up a quite a bit of space. So check out future posts for other space saving toy ideas instead (hopefully) and please feel free to share any ideas in the comments below and in our Facebook group here.

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