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We had our 12 week scan today. Our son cried. He wasn’t overcome with emotion at seeing the baby, like I was, but he cried because the sonographer shut the door.  Our son definitely didn’t want the door shut.

It was such a relief to find out that not only is the baby real (and all its bits and pieces seem to be in the right places), but best of all, there is only one baby in there, not twins or triplets. The reason my belly is so large is just because I have eaten so many cakes. Although I joked beforehand that a multiple birth would be good for the blog, adding an extra level of sardine-like cosiness to our living situation, I’m not sure it would actually have made good reading- while it chronicled my rapid decline in mental health as I battled to cope with several newborns and a toddler.

As we sat in the hospital waiting room waiting for a blood test and happily looking at our scan pictures, our special family moment was made all the more special by the Bounty woman giving us free samples of nappy cream, in exchange for a few personal details. Oh, and she also gave me half a forest’s worth of leaflets with the main aim of peddling some companies’ crap and making me feel like I must fill the flat with bulky expensive items in order to be a good and functional mother. At the back of one booklet full of products there was “my shopping list” which made me wonder how many of these things really are essential to buy in preparation for the arrival of a newborn baby.

My shopping List:

Car seat
Rain cover
Pushchair or carrier (or both)
Moses basket
Crib/cot and sheets Not needed until your baby is approximately 3 months old
Sleeping bag
Night light Your baby will be perfectly happy sleeping in the dark, but if you need to see what you are doing, a lamp will do- low wattage red light bulbs are good.
Monitor  The baby will be sleeping in the same room as you for the first 6 months.  If your home is really small, you might never need a monitor
Cot mobile Nice, but not essential
Nappy changing
Wipes A newborn baby’s skin is too delicate for wipes.  You should use cotton wool and water for at least the first month
Barrier ointment
Changing bag Useful, but could you use a bag you already have?
Changing mat or station
Nappy bags
Baby clothes
Sleep suits
Snowsuit/jacket I would also add cardigans and a hat to this list (perhaps the profit margin on these products was not high enough to make the Bounty list as they could potentially be made by granny)
Scratch mitts You can get sleep suits with built in scratch mitts
Highchair Your child will not need this until they are 6 months old
Steriliser? It depends if you are breast, bottle or combination feeding, but there are ways of sterilising without a steriliser
Breast pump? I certainly didn’t find this useful at first, as I was only producing about 1 drop of milk a day. In fact, trying to pump was totally soul destroying. Apparently it can be easier to express by hand. If you are bottle feeding, you won’t need this at all
Breast pads
Baby bath and support You might choose to have both, but you could easily have one or the other- or use a washing up bowl.
Baby lotion and wash  Like the wipes, your newborn baby’s skin cannot cope with these chemicals for at least a month.  Avoiding them for longer is not a bad thing
Hooded towels Cute, but you can use a normal towel that you already own
Water thermometer You could use your elbow to test the water temperature.  Just check it does not feel too hot or too cold
Play mat A clean soft blanket will do the trick
Soft toys Newborns do not play with toys.  They eat, sleep, cry and shit
Bouncy chair? We loved our one, but I’m not sure I would call this essential. Your newborn will be as happy placed on a beanbag or nestled in some cushions.

Don’t forget that you can get most of this stuff second hand, or shoplift. Fuck you Bounty bastards!

Agree with this list? Think it’s a load of old cobblers? Comment below or take part in our Facebook group forum here.

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