I have started “nesting”. When I say nesting, I think I actually mean panicking. I have been thinking about the reality of, not only sleeping in a room with a new baby, but storing a lot of their stuff in our already full to the brim bedroom too, as we don’t have a spare bedroom like we did the first time round.

This panic coincided with finding a book at a church fete called “Banish Clutter forever”. It was only 50p and claimed on the front cover that by using the “toothbrush principle” it would change my life forever, so I bought it.

The book was surprisingly easy to read, as it let me fantasize that I am in fact an organised functional being that does not live in absolute chaotic shit tip, having to book an extra day’s annual leave just so I have time to look for my passport every time we go on holiday.

I read the book in a few days and this happened to be at the same time as planning a trip to Ikea to buy yet more storage solutions. By the way, I don’t think there will ever be a time in our lives that we don’t need to buy more storage solutions from Ikea. Well, unless we manage to banish the clutter forever using the toothbrush principle, of course.

Philip is at Ikea as I write. As I understand it, he is having a nervous breakdown. Being in Ikea for any amount of time is liable to do that to him. It’s the lack of windows I think.

Since finishing reading the book 2 days ago, I have so far cleared out a whole drawer of our dressing table. Whilst doing this, I discovered we have 8 pairs of scissors and about a million pens. I threw some of the pens away (the ones that didn’t work) and relocated the rest. Not so much banishing the clutter as moving it around a bit.

I would love to think we could reorganise the whole flat by the time the baby arrives. Realistically I plan to at least sort out our bedroom so it functions well for both purposes as our bedroom and as the baby’s room.

I’m ignoring a lot of what the book says but it has helped me to think about what storage we need and how to organise our stuff in the most logical way. The toothbrush principle is basically about thinking how and where you use frequently used objects and then placing those things within easy reach (like you do with the stuff you need to brush your teeth). You then store the other stuff you don’t need to use so frequently in other places, in a logical way, and get rid of stuff you don’t use at all. Simples (of course it fucking isn’t, if it was, we wouldn’t need to read books about how to do this shit would we?).

Hopefully updates on our progress towards an organised clutter free life to follow…

Any decluttering tips? Other useful books you’ve read? Finding clutter a complete nightmare? Comment below or take part in our Facebook group forum here.

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